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Some of the stuff on these pages is taken straight from the DGD mailing list. You should also look at the DGD FAQ.

If You're Having a Look at DGD:

If You're Making Your Own Game on DGD:


Thanks to Felix Croes, aka Dworkin. DGD is an incredible driver. With a little more documentation, a better MUDLib and some luck we can watch it sweep the world!

Thanks to Rob Leslie for redirecting to this page from his own, and for carrying the DGD torch long before I was anywhere in the picture. He's still out there, doing the LPMOO thing.

Great thanks to Felix Croes, Erwin Harte, Kevin Carpenter, Richard Braakman, Serhat Sakarya, Wim van der Vegt, Jason Cone, Gregory D. Lewis, Par Winzell, Erlend Simonsen, George Reese, Mikael "eLeMeL" Lind, Markus Tippman, Geir Harald Hansen, Frank Schmidt, Sampsa Ranta, Lee Salzman, Tenebrae of Skotos, Christopher Allen of Skotos, John "West" McKenna, Ludger Merkens, Steve Foley, Shevek, Neil "sarak" McBride, Keith Dunwoody, Jay Shaffstall, Mark Luszniak, Dan Parks, Kirk Smith and many others who asked or answered questions on the DGD mailing lists and elsewhere. Without you, this site just wouldn't be the same.


This page is on the web. That means it's not always maintained. Information on DGD has aged well so far, but that's not a guarantee about anything. I take no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or age of anything here.

You can use the stuff on the site as the basis of any other DGD documentation you feel like. Anything I have personally written (unless marked otherwise) is hereby introduced into the public domain. I grant a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right to use, modify, distribute and sell anything I've written and posted to these pages (except the DGD textbook, which I'm not allowed to do that with). Some content is quoted from other sources and I do not have the right to declare it public domain. Such content remains the property of its original owners.